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Facebook Business Page

A simple and effective way to create an online business identity and make the most of your photos and video presentations is with a Facebook Business Page.

  • Create a Brand Identity with Professional Page Design
  • Present your Videos and Slideshows
  • Create Image Galleries showing what your business has to offer
  • Provide a Link to your Website
  • Provide Detailed Information about your business
  • Configure the things you want your page visitors to be able to do.


Let Aussie Adventure find the right Social Media solution for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook Business Page is set up on the back of a personal Facebook Account, yet remains separate from your personal Facebook Page. It operates in much the same way as your Facebook Page, however it offers more features and functionality.

Can Anyone See My Personal Details?

Your Facebook Business Page can be set up using your personal Facebook Account without anyone associating the two, however if you prefer (or don't yet have a Facebook Account), we can set up a new Facebook Account and create your Facebook Business Page from there.

Who Can Post On My Facebook Business Page?

Aussie Adventure will discuss what requirements you have for your Facebook Business Page. We will configure your Facebook Settings to allow or disallow visitors (or Friends) to post to your page.


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